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Robert J. Miller

ETCS(SS), Former Crew Member USS Thresher


Bob Miller entered the Navy  on April 28, 1958 and received recruit training and ET(A) school at Great Lakes, IL from April, 1958 through February, 1959.


Bob trained at Submarine Base Groton, CT in Sub School and Nuclear Power school from February through December in 1959. He than received training at the Navy Nuclear Power Training School (NPTU) in Windsor, CT from January through June in 1960.


Bob served in the Reactor Control Division of the USS Thresher (SSN593) as an ET2(SS) from June 1960 through July 1962 Bob also served aboard the USS Patrick Henry (SSBN-599B) from October 1963 through January 1965, USS James Monroe (SSBN-622B) from  February 1968 through June of 1972 and USS Sam Houston (SSBN-609G) from April 1975 to August 1978.


Bob attended ET(B) school at Treasure Island, CA from August 1962 to September 1963.  Bob served as an Instructor at NPTU, Windsor, CT from February 1965 until February 1968.


Bob received an Associates Degree in Arts at Palomar College San Marcos, CA under the Navy’s Associate Degree Completion Program (ADCOP) from June 1972 through January 1975.  program. Bob also completed SCUBA Diver school and qualified as a SCUBA Diver in July of 1970. Bob retired as an ETCS(SS) from the Navy on September 1, 1978  after 21 years of active duty.


After leaving the Navy Bob worked in the Nuclear industry developing Preventive Maintenance programs for the San Onofre, CA and Limerick, PA plants for 5 years. He then owned and operated 2 businesses until retiring completely 9/99. He and his wife, Peggy, reside in Vista, CA.


Bob is a USSVI & Scamp Base Life Member and an Associate Member of Thresher Base.









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